Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Bikini Bloodbath" DVD

Delivering everything the title promises, this one really can't lose, right? Sadly, yes it can. A tale of a grisly murderer (the cleverly named Chef Death) stalking some nubile young womanflesh (often with bare boobs) isn't exactly a new idea, and this film fails in nearly every way. With tongues firmly in cheek, the directors create a not-so-classic B-slasher that succeeds only in annoying the viewer. Horrific more for its' awful overacting than for its' tension or murders, 'Bikini Bloodbath' is truly a potent stinker, and even an ample bosom (or six) can't save this one. Bleah. And what's with the hottest girlie being deemed the 'nerd' of the bunch? (Blood Bath Pictures via MVD Visual)

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