Friday, March 25, 2011

James Brown - "Body Heat" DVD

Previously released on VHS under the title "Lost Tapes", this 1979 live performance is only marginally better than a bootleg in quality or clarity. However, this isn't to denigrate the mighty James Brown. Here, though he's supposedly "past his prime", James proves he's in top form. A consummate performer and world-class showman, James uses his ample perspiration to provide ultimate inspiration. This is an intensity that today's performers can only aspire to!
Hits here include an extended jam of "Sex Machine", "Georgia On My Mind", "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag", and more.
Fancy footwork, powerful charisma, and a devotion to crowd-rousing song and dance? James Brown had it all. And though there are plenty of better examples of Brown's onstage prowess, even a lower-quality video can't slow down the godfather of soul. (MVD Visual)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

American Speedway - "A Bigger Boat" album

This is some kickin' high-octane punk and roll from the Liberty city, and on their second full-lengther, American Speedway take no prisoners. 10 songs in 28 minutes means these guys (and girl) get straight to the point. Imagine AC/DC's Brian Johnson fronting a speed-punk act, and you have American Speedway. "I Killed Laura Palmer" is both catchy and fearsome, and "Ready To Roll" doesn't relent -- as intense and fast as any speed or thrash metal. But everything else here is a rip-roaring anthem just as well. A perfect audio caffeine for long, tiring drives along the interstate. Fantastic work, and I'd bet an amazing live act! (Prophase Music)

American Speedwayspace

American Speedway official page

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Johan Agebjorn - "The Mountain Lake" CD

Melodic ambient techno/electronica from Sweden, "The Mountain Lake" cruises into the celestial heavens at its best, but this collection of collaborations and remixes has some definite faults. "The Stones Are Blasted", for example, comes across as silly new-age piano/synth fluff. On the other hand, "Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon" is a nice bit of Kraftwerk-style electro-pop. And "Take Me Home" is a superb Biosphere-styled arctic ambient journey. There's a lot of promise here, but "The Mountain Lake" just isn't as cohesive a mix as it should be. (Lotuspike)

Johan Agebjorn page

Map Music/Outersanctum releases (including Phil Western)

Any fans of intelligent and complex ambient and electronic music from some fine Vancouver artists should check this page:

Outersanctum Music

Rare and out of print Map Music CDs are available again, in very limited quantities, for only $12US apiece, including shipping (in North America). The releases include long unavailable recordings by Phil Western (a member of Download and platEAU, among others), Mere Mortals, Pilgrims Of The Mind, Cooldown (with a remix by Western), and the classic and seminal "Welcome To Lotus Land" compilation.

This may be your last chance to find these releases without paying exorbitant collectors prices, so hop to it!

"Driller - A Sexual Thriller" DVD

When this XXX porno/pop culture spoof was produced, Michael Jackson was the biggest pop star in the world. So this hardcore feature did its best to cash in on this sensation. It stands as an unusual and memorably weird musical horror-porn classic of sorts.
Featuring the attractive and legendary Taija Rae in the lead role, "Driller" is a hackneyed tale of a pretty young lass who's drawn to pop star "Mr. J", who ends up being a hideous werewolf-beast with an unusual apparatus. She's whisked away to his lair where all sorts of perverse pleasures are underway. It's an eye (and thigh)-opening experience, as hunchbacks, zombies, and weird mutants copulate with semi-willing participants. But far from a simple porno, this one has full choreographed (and professional) dance sequences! Enjoyable and one of the strangest films I've seen in some time. (MVD Visual)