Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Map Music/Outersanctum releases (including Phil Western)

Any fans of intelligent and complex ambient and electronic music from some fine Vancouver artists should check this page:

Outersanctum Music

Rare and out of print Map Music CDs are available again, in very limited quantities, for only $12US apiece, including shipping (in North America). The releases include long unavailable recordings by Phil Western (a member of Download and platEAU, among others), Mere Mortals, Pilgrims Of The Mind, Cooldown (with a remix by Western), and the classic and seminal "Welcome To Lotus Land" compilation.

This may be your last chance to find these releases without paying exorbitant collectors prices, so hop to it!


bloodshot23 said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Todd!

cristina handrabur said...

We really appreciate it, thanks so much Todd!
All the best!