Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black Breath - "Razor To Oblivion" CDEP

From Seattle comes this new band's debut 4-song EP. It may be short (there's little more than 13 minutes here), but Black Breath don't need any more to prove they are the real thing. This is intense, raw and potent hardcore/metal mayhem with nods to classic British crust punk as well as American death/thrash. The title track features a galloping tempo alongside thick, downtuned guitar riffage and dense, scratchy-throated vocal assaults. "Beneath The Crust" shows more of an immediate, in-your-face mentality, with searing vocals and guitars that slash-and-burn like Slayer meets the Melvins. It's a sick and lovely sound, indeed, with equal doses of out-of-control punk/noise mayhem and tight metallic aggression. "Murder", the final track, lets up a bit on the speed, but remains a 2+ minute lethal injection of evil metal mania. Absolutely smoking stuff. Looking forwards to that full-lengther, boys! (Hot Mass/Southern Lord)

Black Breathspace