Monday, March 24, 2014

"All The Labor" DVD (director: Doug Hawes-Davis)

Gourd bless...

This feature-length documentary on Austin, TX-based roots/Americana band the Gourds serves as an audio-visual love letter to the band. As well, it's a perfect introduction to a band that's survived nearly 20 years and released armfuls of albums, yet has never made it to that "next level". I'm almost embarrassed to mention that I'd never heard this group before, either.

Recorded at home and on stage with the band, "All The Labor" shows the obvious love these guys have for each other and the music itself. Despite a feverish (yet small) fan base, these guys continue on without much promise of "the big payoff". Love of the music is their drive, and that's certainly admirable and noble. So what's it like? Imagine Americana, with a sense of humor and an almost jam-band like predilection for extended improv, and you're close. The Gourds are great showmen, and project energy, charisma, and passion as well or better than so-called "national" touring acts I've seen. 

"All The Labour" is well-filmed, inspiring, and an enlightened portrait of a band with their hearts in the music. Worth a look, for sure.

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