Friday, November 9, 2012

Beer Report for 11/09/12

It's time again for brew reviews -- this selection includes some regional crafts from the Midwestern United States, the West Coast, and an oddly unique beer from Scotland!

This Chicago brew (found in limited quantities here in Southern Indiana) comes in a nice pint can, and pours a cloudy amber with a solid sudsy head and thin lace.

Nose says floral with pine and citrus notes. Not bad.

Taste is sharply hoppy, no surprise, with pine and grapefruit tones, and a substantial malt profile. Threadless is a solid, if unremarkable IPA that remains drinkable and session-worthy, but it's not one I'd revisit anytime soon.

A curious ale here out of St. Louis, picked up for under $3/pint at the peerless Wine & Cheese Place, which is a superlative mecca for craft beer (and wine and cheese, if that's your thing).

This tawny amber, semi-opaque ale brewed with chestnuts pours with a thick head of fine, off-white suds. Lace is lovely and delicate.

Aroma is uniquely roasty and nutty. Kinda sweet, even, but very appealing and enticing.

Flavor profile is pleasing to the palate and well-nuanced. I get a hint of malty and lightly toasty nuts (chestnut?) and a wisp of light citrus hops at the finish. I drank this one almost room temperature, and it was a delicious and worthwhile experience. Very good!

This fruit-infused wheat beer from California's Lost Coast Brewing pours a hazy amber, with sediment visible, although the bottle was dated over a year ago, so that's taken into consideration. Limited suds, no lace.

Nose proves to be soapy. I get dish soap, to be exact. Would make for a fetching hand-wash, but not beer.

Tastes similar to the aroma, like slightly carbonated soap, with a hint of wheat and citrus at the finish. Definitely not impressive.

This unique and inventive Scottish ale (found in Bloomington, Indiana's excellent Sahara Mart) pours black, with ruby highlights. Light carbonation and almost no lace.

Nose is chocolate and roast. I also get some booziness, although this one is only 4.4%. Odd.

Taste is sweet and roasty, like a good session-worthy porter, and with a light body. There's a slight brininess in there, but it's quite subtle, as the chocolate maltiness and dark roasty qualities come to the fore. A solid and enjoyable ale.

Rolling Stones - "Under Review 1975-1983 - The Ronnie Wood Years (Pt. 1)" DVD

A proper summation of the career of the Rolling Stones would take many hours and probably an exhaustive 10-hour mini-series. So, Chrome Dreams/Sexy Intellectual have done a great job focusing on specific periods in the band's storied career. 

"Under Review 1975-1983" covers a period when the Stones enlisted guitarist Ronnie Wood (from the Faces), and found themselves at odds with a changing music scene. From dabblings in funk, disco, and proto-punk, the Stones managed to hit rock bottom, and the very public drug problems of Keith Richards didn't do any wonders for the band's flagging image, either. 

These topics and more are covered, and as with this label's other releases, we get numerous interviews with journalists, writers, biographies, and collaborators. As well, there are tons of archival live videos and photos to illustrate the life and times of one of rock's most respected and oft-imitated groups. Well-done, and a must-see for serious Stones fans. (Sexy Intellectual/Chrome Dreams)

Marilyn Manson - "The Lowdown" DVD+CD

There's quite a story behind Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson)'s rise from Florida notoriety to international stardom as the Satanic boogeyman of conservative America. This circa-2007 set of English-made unauthorized documentary discs does an amicable job illustrating the early days of Manson's career, as well as his later period and metamorphosis into glam and extreme metal. 

The DVD is the usual Chrome Dreams collection of photos, film clips, and interviews (with past band members, friends, and critics). It's a well-done look at the band's fledgling days and his later success under the wings of Trent Reznor. 

The CD is simply a collection of radio and TV interviews, of varying degrees of quality, but still a worthwhile addition to any Manson fan's collection. Enjoyable, even with its dubious origin. (Chrome Dreams)