Friday, November 9, 2012

Rolling Stones - "Under Review 1975-1983 - The Ronnie Wood Years (Pt. 1)" DVD

A proper summation of the career of the Rolling Stones would take many hours and probably an exhaustive 10-hour mini-series. So, Chrome Dreams/Sexy Intellectual have done a great job focusing on specific periods in the band's storied career. 

"Under Review 1975-1983" covers a period when the Stones enlisted guitarist Ronnie Wood (from the Faces), and found themselves at odds with a changing music scene. From dabblings in funk, disco, and proto-punk, the Stones managed to hit rock bottom, and the very public drug problems of Keith Richards didn't do any wonders for the band's flagging image, either. 

These topics and more are covered, and as with this label's other releases, we get numerous interviews with journalists, writers, biographies, and collaborators. As well, there are tons of archival live videos and photos to illustrate the life and times of one of rock's most respected and oft-imitated groups. Well-done, and a must-see for serious Stones fans. (Sexy Intellectual/Chrome Dreams)

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