Saturday, January 30, 2010

'kirchenkampf' - "Dark Planet" CD

This lovely and mysterious ambient CD is the ideal soundtrack to a Kubrick-esque space journey, and the intense visuals this one instills make it a must-hear for fans of dark and cinematic electronic music. Beginning with the suspended animation sleep of "In Transit" and "Homesick", the crew then awakens to some startling visions of distant worlds in transformation. Confusion arises with the chaotic "Dark Planet", which seems to cause some distress, as heart-rate increases and otherworldly sounds envelop the cabin. "Terrorform" and especially "Firemountain" are dark visions of what may be a distant world sustaining a violent disturbance. Could it be natural, or ??. Regardless, "Newmoonrise" sees a new beginning, as deep drones and reverberations bring a peaceful conclusion to the day's tumult. "Waiting For The Sun" brings an even more hopeful ending to this incredible sojourn. "Dark Planet" is a memorable and evocative collection of thematic instrumental pieces that sparkle with just the right balance of light and dark hues. Fully recommended. (Cohort Records)

sound samples courtesy of Cohort Records

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rock-Afire Explosion covers Arcade Fire!

Okay, so a lot of people may be too young to remember Showbiz Pizza, which was basically a precursor to kid-friendly party/pizza joint Chuck E. Cheese. These massive animatronic figures, known as the Rock-Afire Explosion, were programmed to play music in the restaurants. Well, it seems the characters have survived and there are die-hard fans who are keeping the band going, programming them with modern music! Check this amazingly well-done clip of Rock-Afire doing the Arcade Fire's chilling "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)". See what you think. There are plenty of other songs performed by this innovative robot-band, too.

And check out this amazing fan museum and archive site:
Showbiz Pizza

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inferno - "Black Devotion" CD

From the Czech Republic comes this veteran band of "intolerant antihuman" (their label) black metal marauders. "Black Devotion" begins with the dark ambient/symphonic "Prolog" before erupting into the ferocious tempos of "Superior Will". It's a tight and sturdy groove throughout the album, with machine-like drums, blizzard-gale guitars, and incomprehensible wails for vocals. Definitely strong work. "Holy Poison" is a blazing sonic attack, though it differs little from the previous tracks. The melody (all but submerged under the lightning blastbeats), as well as a rough-and-rowdy guitar solo mid-track, feels much like classic metal, but this one dives back into the black metal abyss pretty quickly. "Sign Of Hell" is another highlight, with some stunning technical and tempo changes that show the group's mastery of their material. Solid and potent black metal with nods to classic metal in spots, Inferno bring a storm of riffs, rhythms, and snaky vocals that certainly crush many of their peers. This is something to be proud of. (Agonia)