Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Scream Dream" DVD (director: Donald Farmer)

With a tag-line like "Metal Has Never Been So Hot!!", this 1989 film outs itself as a B-grader quickly. Unfortunately, "metal" here is defined as awful 80's commercial rock. It's also immediately apparent that this is a poor print taken from a weathered VHS copy. That's 2 strikes already.
At least the opening scene proves promising -- a voluptuous blonde, bursting from her tattered clothing, being chainsawed from the crotch. But that's as hardcore as this film gets. The acting here is stiff, the "music" poorly lipsynched, and there's a ridiculous belching rubber-puppet "demon" that possesses the film's main female leads. Yes, the problems here just keep multiplying. Suffice to say that "Scream Dream" has vapid characters, insipid dialogue, laughable effects, and horrific music. Just awful. (SRS Cinemavia MVD Visual)