Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dead Milkmen - "The King In Yellow" CD

It's been a long 16 years since the last Dead Milkmen album, and this comeback proves a worthy addition to this Philadelphia folk/punk band's considerable back catalog. Having been college radio staples back in the late 80s, these guys held an important part of my adolescence. Having grown up with stuff like "Big Lizard In My Backyard", "Eat Your Paisley", and of course, "Punk Rock Girl", the Dead Milkmen's slackerly every-man delivery and fun-loving, cynical attitude immediately hooked me. They had some commercial success before splitting up in 1995, and with the unexpected death of member Dave Blood, it's refreshing to hear these guys regrouping for more upbeat but deadpan songs like "She's Affected" (where a hipster girl "dresses like Johnny Marr"), or "Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song", which needs no explanation. Any old fan will not be disappointed, as "The King In Yellow" picks up right where the band left off. Cool. (Dead Milkmen)