Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sky Cries Mary - "Small Town" video

My review's already been done here, but since they're not getting major exposure elsewhere (being independent artists), I hope you'll give this lovely song/video a try...

Sky Cries Mary website

Pigface - "Free For All" DVD (dir: Clint Sieloff)

Being a longtime fan & longtime-ago Invisible/Pigface Field Rep myself, I've seen (and heard) my fair share of Pigface shows. I had sort of lost interest over the years as releases became far too redundant (remixes of remixes of remasterings, re-hashings, bleeding 'Suck' dry, etc.). Anyhow, this release makes me like the 'new' group more, believe it or not.
Their earlier videos/DVDs were chiefly live footage, but this one reveals the numerous behind-the-scenes trials and tribulations behind touring - with a wide array of people from all over the world, and in the same bus. It's engrossing, interesting, and a fascinating look at what life was like for this assemblage (instigator Atkins, Charles Levi (Thrill Kill Kult), Hanin Elias (Atari Teenage Riot), En Esch (KMFDM/Slick Idiot), Lee Frazier (Sheep On Drugs), Kryztoff (Bile), Lacey Conner (Nocturne), Curse Mackey (Evil Mothers/Grim Faeries), the Enigma (Jim Rose Circus Sideshow), and the many others who accompanied the band on stage and off.
From inter-band arguments to firings, hirings, bus troubles, ego-clashes, rabid (and naked) fans, club issues, crew issues, disagreements, sword swallowing, fire-eating, broken spines, new friendships, and, in-between it all, some fun music, 'Free For All' tells all. The interviews are candid and honest, and the whole documentary flows well. To director Clint Seiloff, nice work. And to Atkins/Invisible/Pigface, thanks for the years of interesting (if not always particularly memorable) music. (Invisible/Underground Inc/MVD Visual)

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Eerie Von's Spidercider "That's All There Is" CD

Ah, this is where it all comes together for former Samhain/Danzig member (and Misfits photographer/roadie) Eerie Von. This album, originally released in 2006, is a heavy rock album with a spooky singalong punk aesthetic. It's impressive that Eerie wrote, performed, and produced this himself, as it sounds like a full-on live band. He can write some damned catchy tunes, and the inspiration from his previous bands is detectable perhaps, but 'Spidercider' certainly isn't ripping off anything. In fact, songs like 'Hey Louisa' owe as much to the Ramones as anything else - classic rapidfire punk with pop-song melodics. Solid work, and worthy of your attention if these references are your thang, mang. (Ghastly Records)

Eerie Von's site

Monday, November 24, 2008

Eerie Von - "Bad Dream No. 13" CD

Samhain/Danzig drummer/bassist Eerie Von's 2000 solo project is a selection of dark gothic-blues songs that remind of a lower-fi Danzig in spots ('Downontheslab', in particular). Eschewing the use of computers, every sound and word on 'Bad Dream No.13' is Eerie, likely recorded on just a 4-track. The simple arrangements of guitar, drum programs, and vocals are spare and unforgiving, exposing Eerie's limited vocal capacity and the underdeveloped songs. On the plus side, I can easily hear these songs transformed with better production into heavy rock anthems, but as they are here, this is basically some rough demos of what could have been. For fans of Danzig's less metallic songs, 'Bad Dream No.13' may be a curious side-note. (Ghastly Records)

Eerie Von website