Monday, November 24, 2008

Eerie Von - "Bad Dream No. 13" CD

Samhain/Danzig drummer/bassist Eerie Von's 2000 solo project is a selection of dark gothic-blues songs that remind of a lower-fi Danzig in spots ('Downontheslab', in particular). Eschewing the use of computers, every sound and word on 'Bad Dream No.13' is Eerie, likely recorded on just a 4-track. The simple arrangements of guitar, drum programs, and vocals are spare and unforgiving, exposing Eerie's limited vocal capacity and the underdeveloped songs. On the plus side, I can easily hear these songs transformed with better production into heavy rock anthems, but as they are here, this is basically some rough demos of what could have been. For fans of Danzig's less metallic songs, 'Bad Dream No.13' may be a curious side-note. (Ghastly Records)

Eerie Von website

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