Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ohm - "Ohm" CD

Top-tier Vancouver industrial

A duo consisting of Vancouver industrialists Craig Huxtable (Landscape Body Machine) and Chris Peterson (ex-Front Line Assembly/Delerium and Decree), Ohm's debut is a sturdy set of deep, dark, and textural electronic tunes that will immediately please fans of bands like FLA, Skinny Puppy, or Numb. 

The opener, "When Robots Fuck", is subtle, mid-tempo, and effective enough to set the mood. "Car Crash" follows, and this is among the band's finest moments -- a subtle, heavy, and even catchy industrial thumper. "Detroit" features whispery vocals by Kaine Delay (of fellow Vancouver industrial punks Left Spine Down), and  is another winning combination -- all cinematic electronics with a masterful analogue beat undermining it all. "Destroyed In Seconds" and "Brute" are more aggressive mesh of furious techno rhythms and declarative vocals in the spirit of Peterson's excellent Decree project. 

Overall, a superb album of dark industrial beat masterpieces, and with really solid production, this is definitely steps ahead of of their peers. More, please!