Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Majeure - "Timespan" + "Timespan Remixed" 2xCD

The solo project of A.E. Paterra (of electro-synth/prog group Zombi), Majeure creates old-school analogue synthscapes with a retro-futuristic sound, laced with spooky allusions to classic 70's Italian horror and early sci-fi. Think Goblin meets Tangerine Dream or Vangelis, and you'll be in the ballpark.

"Timespan" consists of 3 long pieces, each recalling early German electronic music, with live drumming from Paterra himself. "The Dresden Codex" is a dramatic and tense 14 minutes, and the action-packed "Teleforce" recalls a pulse-pounding psychological thriller, racing against the clock against an unseen force. The 18-minute "Timespan" is a synthi-sequencer score without a movie.

The second disc, "Timespan Remixed", presents a series of extended mixes, with Zombi bandmate Steve Moore contributing a shorter, spacy ambient remix.
J.K. Broadrick of Jesu adds a crystalline shoegaze feel to his re-imagining of "Teleforce", while "The Dresden Codex" gets a lengthy 18-minute reinterpretation by Black Strobe, complete with guitars and a serene, hypnotic, celestial vibe.

Majeure conjures vivid memories of classic 70s-80s film soundtracks with tense analogue electronics and cold atmospheres. Fans of classic synthesizer scores will delight at this superb and reverent set of filmic atmospheres and sounds. (Temporary Residence)


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