Sunday, January 3, 2010

Suicidal Tendencies - "Live At Olympic Auditorium" DVD

I will forever have a soft spot for Suicidal's first couple of LPs, with such teen-nihilist punk/metal anthems as "Institutionalized", "Possessed To Skate", or "I Saw Your Mommy". Suicidal definitely deserve a heap of credit for helping to unify heavy music with their crossover appeal way back in the 80's. And, they've done an impressive job over the past 26 years, emerging through some more mainstream, major label days at least somewhat intact, though their sound has matured into a funk/metal hybrid.
This 2005 homecoming concert shows the band can still shred as well as anyone. Frontman (and only remaining original member) Mike Muir and company faithfully reproduce all their classics for a suitably intense crowd. The production is superb, with camera angles that capture the band having a blast while inciting their fans to dance or mosh it up. It's energetic and high-energy all the way through, with Muir's hopeful and positive message echoing in-between tracks. An added bonus, and perhaps as important, is a good interview with Muir, in which he discusses the band's early trials and tribulations. For "cycos" (or hardcore fans), this DVD is essential. Not a fan? Check out the band's 1983 self-titled album first. Classic hardcore with a unique sound and vision. (Suicidal Records)