Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bellini - "The Precious Prize Of Gravity" LP+CD

Uniting past members of several Touch & Go Records artists, this husband-and-wife team unleashes their first recording in several years, and it echoes that 90's noise-rock heritage well. Recorded with Girls Against Boys drummer Alexis Fleisig and studio rat Steve Albini, Bellini's tough, angular, and gritty rock is intensely rhythmic and nervous, with Giovanna Cacciola's atonal, shouted vocals and a tight rhythm section bringing the thunder. "The Man Who Lost His Wings" even shows a near-cowpunk vibe, with guitarist Agostino Tilotta showing his chops. For fans longing for a heavier, more streetwise indie rock, Bellini fit the bill. (Temporary Residence)

Snowing Sun (Bellini's home site)