Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Adam Ant - “The Blueblack Hussar” DVD

Serious look at troubled eighties post-punk icon

Seemingly near-forgotten as a major player in the 80s music and style scene, Adam Ant (and his previous post-punk band, Adam & The Ants) have unjustly become just side-notes during “80s retro” playlists. Jack Bond’s film “The Blueback Hussar”, isn’t a full-on documentary of the inspirational Adam Ant, but rather a behind-the-scenes look at Ant’s 2011 return “tour” of England. And scattered it is.

After he dropped from public consciousness in the early 90s, Ant had a series of troubles related to his bipolar disorder that landed him in the courts and basically belittled him to little more than tabloid fodder. Bond’s look at Ant is unflinching and only a bit sympathetic, allowing Ant’s larger than life charisma and swinging personality to take over. At times, it’s sort of sad, seeing Ant (known to his parents as Stuart Godard) parading around like he was a major rock star still. At other times, it’s refreshing to see him retaining his persona through it all. His swagger and unapologetic personality is infectious and somehow inspiring.

A must-see for serious fans, or anyone interested in seeing a detailed and unflinching “where are they now” portrait of an eighties icon.