Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Revelation" CD

Lee Perry is an institution in the world of dub/reggae. His illustrious history encompasses hundreds of recordings dating back over 40 years, and he's still as active now as ever, having celebrated his 74th birthday this year!

That aside, "Revelation" is a 13-song collection of supreme grooves and top-grade Jamaican-style dub, with no concessions for modern dancehall or radio fodder. This is pure, uncut, prime dub, with Perry's modern-day shamanic vocals atop beds of adept programming and seamless live instrumentation. He even brings aboard George Clinton for a vocal take and Keith Richards for a guitar lick, so Perry definitely keeps some impressive company. Tracks like the rollicking "Fire Power" or "Money Come And Money Go" prove that Perry's infectious music is both catchy and profound, straddling the line between spiritual journey and booty-shaking experience. Forget the wannabes, "Revelation" is the real thing. (Megawave via MVD Audio)

Lee 'Scratch' Perryspace

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suicidal Tendencies - "No Mercy Fool! / The Suicidal Family" CD

Not sure of the reasoning behind this one, but it's essentially remakes of tracks from Suicidal's 1987 skate-punk classic second album, "Join The Army", appended with remakes of Suicidal speed metal project No Mercy's second album. The retooling of "Possessed To Skate" is smooth, fast, and packed with all the punk-funk-metal you'd expect from these hooligans.

I'll admit it's fun to hear these old favorites again, even if they seem smoother and cleaner to these ears. In fact, that's my only complaint here -- the production makes this all seem too tame. "Come Alive" is a fireball of reckless thrash, but it's smoothed out by the production. Likewise, "We're F'n Evil" is another retro-smasher that sounds canned by it's production. Suicidal are a raging band with their hearts in the right place, but this one isn't among their better works. Here's to them letting loose next time. (Suicidal Records)

"Bunny And The Bull" trailer

Aha! Finally, a new project from the creators of "The Mighty Boosh" and featuring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. Looks to be similarly odd, offbeat, and good fun! See what you think with this trailer, sent along thanx to Justin.