Saturday, January 30, 2010

'kirchenkampf' - "Dark Planet" CD

This lovely and mysterious ambient CD is the ideal soundtrack to a Kubrick-esque space journey, and the intense visuals this one instills make it a must-hear for fans of dark and cinematic electronic music. Beginning with the suspended animation sleep of "In Transit" and "Homesick", the crew then awakens to some startling visions of distant worlds in transformation. Confusion arises with the chaotic "Dark Planet", which seems to cause some distress, as heart-rate increases and otherworldly sounds envelop the cabin. "Terrorform" and especially "Firemountain" are dark visions of what may be a distant world sustaining a violent disturbance. Could it be natural, or ??. Regardless, "Newmoonrise" sees a new beginning, as deep drones and reverberations bring a peaceful conclusion to the day's tumult. "Waiting For The Sun" brings an even more hopeful ending to this incredible sojourn. "Dark Planet" is a memorable and evocative collection of thematic instrumental pieces that sparkle with just the right balance of light and dark hues. Fully recommended. (Cohort Records)

sound samples courtesy of Cohort Records

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