Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nekrasov / Aderlating - "Split" LP

This is an ultra-limited (300 copies) split vinyl album from a couple of little-known artists who are working well outside the lines of the mainstream. Australia's Nekrasov take one side, and their "Qualities Of Being Futile And Valueless" is an epic 24-minute ambient doom-ride, and certainly coming from the darkest recesses. Drones, disembodied voices, and effected electronics make this one an unsettling listen, like a trip through a horrific fun house. They refer to themselves as 'black metal/ambient/experimental', and that seems relatively appropriate based on the material here. Not bad, and certainly not for the easily-spooked. Aderlating is a project of Mories from Dutch extreme metal/noise group Gnaw Their Tongues, and it's outlook is much the same. Blackened ambient drone with atmospheres that evoke an oppressive mood of claustrophobia and tension. Flashes of noise and feedback litter the opener, "Chalic Of Abalam", and though there are 3 tracks listed (including the charmingly-titled "Dog Semen"), Aderlating's music flows into one. It seems a little more static and less subtle (and thus less interesting) than Nekrasov's side, but the mood and texture fits. For fans of classic noise-based ambient industrial, this LP will prove to be a fulfilling journey to a hellish sound-world. (Chrome Leaf)




Free download of Aderlating's new "Dying Of The Light" EP

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