Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inferno - "Black Devotion" CD

From the Czech Republic comes this veteran band of "intolerant antihuman" (their label) black metal marauders. "Black Devotion" begins with the dark ambient/symphonic "Prolog" before erupting into the ferocious tempos of "Superior Will". It's a tight and sturdy groove throughout the album, with machine-like drums, blizzard-gale guitars, and incomprehensible wails for vocals. Definitely strong work. "Holy Poison" is a blazing sonic attack, though it differs little from the previous tracks. The melody (all but submerged under the lightning blastbeats), as well as a rough-and-rowdy guitar solo mid-track, feels much like classic metal, but this one dives back into the black metal abyss pretty quickly. "Sign Of Hell" is another highlight, with some stunning technical and tempo changes that show the group's mastery of their material. Solid and potent black metal with nods to classic metal in spots, Inferno bring a storm of riffs, rhythms, and snaky vocals that certainly crush many of their peers. This is something to be proud of. (Agonia)


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