Friday, March 21, 2008

Mono - "The Sky Remains The Same As Ever" DVD

It's been established among the initiated that Japan's instrumental post-rock act Mono is a profoundly engaging live act. Sculpting their dynamic, punchy sound from gentle, lovely melodies (ala Sigur Ros) into grindingly potent noise/feedback screamers (ala classic Sonic Youth), this quartet has a trademark transcendence that expresses itself beyond the need for words. This 110-minute DVD documents their last world tour, and, even if the group's limited English causes some chin scratching, fear not. This is all about the performances. Taken from a variety of venues (Paris, Brussels, New York, and more), as well as some studio recording in Chicago with Steve Albini (and a string section!), this audio-visual travelogue provides a suitable look at Mono's positively cyclonic live gigs. Sure, you don't get the full live effect here (there's no ringing ears or hearing damage included), but it's the closest you're going to get until they come around again. The Sky Remains The Same is a must-see, and when Mono tours again, do yourself a favor. (Temporary Residence)

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