Saturday, March 22, 2008

Akron/Family - "Love Is Simple" CD/DVD

This is music by, and for, people who appreciate music, in all it's permutations, forms, and styles. Akron/Family's second (well, third or fourth, if you're counting their works as The Angels Of Light band) full-length effort is a lovely and song-based affair. They come off, on record, as a kind of indie folk act that crosses over into hippie jam band territory almost. But that's short-changing these fellows. First, they can write some fucking great songs - ones that you can sing along to, even. I guarantee that upon hearing the glorious 'Love Is Simple' (the title track), or the memorable 'Phenomena', you will be humming along for the rest of the day. Really! Elements of world, and even religious musics come into play. And it works magickally, somehow, in a big mysterious melange of song and sound. A wonderful CD, this one co-produced by Andrew Weiss (of Rollins Band and Ween fame).
If you're lucky and purchased a first pressing of this, then you also have a nice and tasty DVD packed with nearly 90 minutes of live mayhem from these boys. Here is where it all comes together...from gospel-style hoedowns to frenzied noise to trance-inducing drum circles, to mellow acoustic folksongs - sometimes evolving from and around the same song even. This is what it's all about, losing yourself in the music. No egos, no 'rock star' attitude, just a genuine respect for the sound of 'love'. (Young God Records)

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