Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Liberty In Restraint: Behind The Eyes Of A Fetish Photographer" DVD

Focusing on the life of Australian BDSM/fetish photog Noel Graydon, this feature-length documentary functions as an intimate peek into this thriving yet misunderstood subculture, and includes interviews with a number of local personalities within the tight-knit Aussie fetish scene. Suffice to say, this is obviously mature subject matter, and some of the scenes here will certainly make the more prudish shudder and recoil in disgust. Nonetheless, Graydon turns out to be a likeable family man, and the people he photographs, though perhaps best called 'quirky', aren't the raging maniacs that the media so often portrays them to be. My gripes here? Well, for one, the credits are inexplicably cut off through the entire film (a mastering glitch maybe?), and secondly, the overall pacing seems scattered and unfocused. It's really a challenge to sit through, to be honest. Suffice to say that 'Liberty In Restraint' is likely of interest only to those already involved in the fetish community. (MVD Visual)

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