Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gang Green - "You Got It" CD / "Older...Budweiser" CD / Can't Live Without It" CD

These limited 'gold disc' remasters from the popular and influential Boston skate-punkers Gang Green have aged reasonably well. Not overly concerned with social or political issues (as many of their punk brethren were), Gang Green were more adept at celebrating the libidinal aspects of adolescence, and the blessings of beer and skateboarding. 'You Got It' is a goofy and fun drunk/punk manifesto - only hinting at the metallic crossover sound they would pioneer a few years later. 'Older...Budweiser' inches closer to metal, but retains Chris Doherty's tuneless punk vocals, and adds on the group's Van Halen parody/response, the 'I81B4U' EP. Sure, it's juvenile and irresponsible, but it's also a helluva lotta fun - and a perfect teen party soundtrack (especially with cuts like 'Bedroom of Doom', or 'Bartender', to name just a couple of memorable ones). 'Can't Live Without It' is a live LP from 1990, and features most of the band's early faves - all recorded crisply and professionally. This one's actually a fiercer platter than their studio works, and features a slightly different line-up as members had moved on by the time this was recorded. Overall, some reasonably classic titles from one of skate/punk/metal's legendary acts. (Metal Mind Poland / Roadrunner)

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