Friday, March 21, 2008

Kone - "Cirrhotic Psychotic" CD

California-based multi-instrumentalist Phil Western is probably best known as half of experimental electronica groups Download and Plateau. But on this solo recording, Western more than proves that his prowess as a programmer and composer may even surpass these better-known, critically-acclaimed projects. Kone's premise is music created with only a simple setup of primitive electronic gear - a kind of no frills, balls-out approach to techno, you might say. And with such tight grooves as the almost acidic 'Movies On My House', this idea works quite well. Recalling the robotic demeanor of Kraftwerk, and gene-splicing in some glitchy minimalist funk by way of Detroit, these crisp and accessable tracks thump and sizzle, while also summoning some nicely ambient textures along the way (as on the lovely retro-stylings of 'Terrible News'). 'Mound (Fully Conscious Mix)' is a jagged and noisy eardrum-rattler that pummels like prime Aphex Twin, and similarly, 'Whoa War Wow', like most of this recording, is actually too manic for most dancefloors. Consider it prime electronic listening music for those with a hankering for something more, eh, corrosive. A really fine recording here, and respect to Mr. Western on a job well-done, indeed. (The Record Company)

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