Saturday, March 22, 2008

various artists - "Earache iCrusher Complete" DVD

This extensive collection of promo clips from one of England's premier metal labels runs the gamut from the early proto-industrial metal of Godflesh (the rather boring clip for the otherwise classic 'Christbait Rising') to the theatrical goth/synthpop of Mortiis to the thuggish Linea 77. Also included are plenty of bland death metallers, the sophomoric hip-hip of Autonomy, and the flesh-hook shock rock of Society 1. The Berzerker is a return of sorts to the label's grindcore roots, with a tuneless blastbeat grind that assaults the eardrums. Not the best showcase for this label's frustratingly inconsistent sounds, and really only fit for completists. (Earache / MVD Visual)

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