Saturday, March 22, 2008

"The Elephant Table Album" 2xLP/CD

This is arguably (probably) the most comprehensive and complete survey of the classic 'Wild Planet' (i.e. classic industrial/electronic music) scene of the early 80's. Compiled by noted journalist Dave Henderson, this set encompasses nearly all the early UK-based 'industrial' and avante-garde artists of note from this era. These are the folks who were truly 'out there', from the proto-EBM Portion Control ('Chew You To Bits' is cheekily dated, but still kinda feral, and certainly a step above the usual synthpop) to one of Chris & Cosey's finer and darker early cuts ('Raining Tears Of Blood'). Coil contribute the rough 'S Is For Sleep' (certainly not at the level of their later work, but a nice and weird piece nonetheless), while Nurse With Wound's 'Nana, Or A Thing Of Uncertain Nonsense' is a classic slice of delirious audio-surrealism. Lustmord gets uncharacteristically funky on 'Bonening Of Men', while SPK contribute the brutal death-industrial dirge of 'Despair'. Still hard to believe that former SPK mainman Graeme Revell is now a top-shelf Hollywood score composer, coming from his horror-noise background! Anyhow, Nigel Ayers and his Nocturnal Emissions present the rather silly 'Suffering Stinks', which they would thankfully leave far behind with their amazing 'Spiritflesh' LP a few years later. Also represented on this amazing double-LP set: Konstruktivists, Muslimgauze, David Jackman (of Organum), Attrition, Legendary Pink Dots, Bourbonese Qualk, and others. Well worth a listen, and a definitive piece of history, here... (1983 Xtract Records UK)
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