Saturday, March 22, 2008

Buckethead - "Young Buckethead Vol.1 + Vol.2" DVDs

This set of old 8mm films from the early 90's captures one of the world's most unique and talented guitarists in his earlier years. With bootleg-quality live concerts by his old band Deli Creeps (who were little more than 90's rock with a ferociously avante guitarist), this stuff is necessary only to completists, or those looking for a deeper peek into the mysterious past and personality of this oddball barnyard virtuoso. Other bits here include backstage banter, an outdoor 'interview' (which goes nowhere and only serves to show Brian, err, Buck's affinity for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and a weird bedroom keyboard solo. The highlight is easily an extended solo guitar improv by Buckethead (in character) filmed at a family reunion in 1991, which displays some incredible riffs and guitar pyrotechnics. Of dubious quality otherwise. (Avabella via MVD Video)

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