Friday, March 21, 2008

Flipper – Live Targetvideo77 1980-81" DVD

Flipper were an essential anomaly in the early American punk scene. Nihilistic and dirgey, their noise-damaged music anticipated the hardcore scene, predated grunge, and even could be seen as a starting point for (some) industrial rock. This classic video, finally reissued in digital format, presents Flipper in all their sloppy, drunken, and chaotic glory. Taken from a pair of shows, this rough (but more than watchable) document shows both a more spunky side (a headlining gig from Berkeley) as well as a more cathartic and intense side (their 1981 Frisco show opening for Throbbing Gristle). Vocalist/bassist Will Shatter mumbles and grunts his way through fan favorites like 'Sex Bomb' or (my favorite) 'Life', while his band tumbles headfirst into characteristically messy, nearly-tuneless abandon. Flipper took punk and turned it upside down, and in the process inspired too many bands to list. This is the real deal. (MVD Visual)

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