Friday, March 21, 2008

Cloudland Canyon – "Silver Tongued Sisyphus" CDEP

The importance and impact of German experimental rock pioneers like
Cluster or Can is nearly impossible to overstate. Cloudland Canyon's debut for Kranky summons these still-relevant ghosts and adds to them a profound drone that evokes even more ancient spirits and altered states of consciousness. The first lengthy track here, “Dambala” begins as a mysterious ambient mist and moves, halfway in, towards a lighter, even lovely psychedelic swirl of syncopated effects and gentle melodies. Beautiful and otherworldly work. The second extended track, “Silver Tongued Sisyphus,” rocks harder, with a pulsing bassline and drums that pay homage to folks like Czukay and Leibezeit. It's a powerful and affecting trance/drone rock track, with incantational vocals and an enveloping groove. Simply, this is a monster kraut/trance release that places Cloudland Canyon in the vanguard of modern psychedelia. I am breathless. (Kranky)

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