Friday, March 21, 2008

Al Di Meola – "Diabolic Inventions And Seduction For Solo Guitar Volume 1: Music of Astor Piazzolla" CD

Di Meola is a serious master of his craft, winning a gamut of awards from the prestigious Guitar World magazine, among others, and this interpretation of Astor Piazzolla's brilliant and romantic classical-influenced tango music is altogether uplifting, reverential and beautiful. Di Meola befriended the late Piazzolla before the Argentine legend passed away in the early 90's, and his friendship with the influential and trailblazing composer forever changed Di Meola's musical outlook. Diabolic Inventions (a term Piazzolla used to describe his own music in the face of tango traditionalists) is a wonderful and engagingly easy-on-the-ears experience, and a joy to listen to. Di Meola's sparse and intricate guitar pluckings are both acrobatic and harmonious, conjuring images of warm climes, cool drinks, and old-world beauty. I dig it.  (Inakustik via MVD Audio)

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