Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Captive Files 1" DVD

Here we have another 'pink' movie (Google or wiki it if you don't know) from Japan. And this one's a full-lengther (as in 1:40). As it goes, 'Captive Files 1' (directed by Kim Tae-gwan) depicts a lonely postal worker whose obsession for young teenage girl results in his abduction of said girl. He gradually tries to 'train' her to love him, and resorts to bondage and confinement! Well, suffice to say that things don't quite go as well as he plans. It's not rated, and there's plenty of savage sex and some disturbing plot twists along the way. It's fairly well-acted and scripted, and even the subtitles are well-done. An enjoyable little movie here, and certainly memorable, in a darkly-twisted little way. It may go on a tad too long (the epilogue is dodgy and unnecessary, though maybe it somehow is an attempt to justify the brutality and possible charges of sexism that could be levied against the film), but I kinda liked 'Captive Files 1'. (MVD Visual)

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