Friday, March 21, 2008

Dave Gahan - "Hourglass" CD

The second solo effort from Depeche Mode frontman Gahan is a subtle and cohesive collection of tunes that move further from the rock-oriented directions of his previous solo work, and actually rival (or surpass) Depeche's own pieces of late. “Kingdom” is the obvious single, and is a top-shelf electro-rock anthem, whereas “Use You” is an industrial-tinged slice of bad-vibe and malediction. It seems that Gahan's tough-living bout in the 90's is well behind him, as he's making some of the most mature and intelligent music of his career here. Gahan's never sounded more confident and diverse, as tracks like the raw and edgy “Endless” illustrate. A few pieces falter a bit, as with the overdramatic and uncatchy “Miracles.” Nonetheless, 'Hourglass' is a solid and potent set of dark-edged reflections from one of the most influential vocalists in the genre. (Mute)

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