Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beer: O'Fallon Brewery - Sticke It To The Man

Solid and unique altbier with balls!

Among the 1200+ beers I've tasted, I've never had a "sticke alt", but thanx to some quick research on the world's best beer site (beeradvocate), I discovered it's a hyped-up, heavier altbier, so I'm glad to have sampled this one. 

O'Fallon Brewing, based just outside St. Louis, has been experimenting with some unusual styles, and I've never had a bad beer from them, so was anxious to dig in to this one. Had 2 bottles, 2 separate days, to get a firm grasp on the flavor profile and overall characteristics.

Pours a clean ruby-amber, with substantial off-white head. Exquisite, detailed lace. Beautiful! Nose is caramel malts all the way. Hops here are dialed way back. Malt fans, rejoice! Taste is also a more toasty caramel malts, with subtle hints of an almost fruity note submerged beneath. Sticke Alt is a rich tasting experience, with nary a hint of the high 7.5% ABV. 

Many thanx to Paul Byrne at Byrne PR for graciously "hooking me up" with this brew!

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