Monday, July 1, 2013

Burial Vault - "Incendium" CD

Melodic death metal, effective but ultimately generic

On their second album, German metal marauders Burial Vault unleash a torrent of melodic death metal. And it's pretty well solid work, with excellent production and a deadly double-pronged guitar attack that is both refined and sharpened. 

"Peculiar" breaks down with a section of melodic (non-regurgitated) vocals, which is quite a shock within the band's usual sound. But the following cut, "The Nightly Horror" returns to the standard speed-laced death metal, and it's quite effective indeed. And the rest of the album proves to be a more than amicable selection of epic metal sounds, too, with "cookie-monster" vocals and lightning fast guitar solos. For fans of the style, Burial Vault deliver.

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