Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anti Tank Nun - "Fire Follow Me" CD

Regressive butt-rock from Poland

This Polish band with an absolutely embarrassingly bad name features frontman Tomek "Titus" Pukacki (also of Acid Drinkers) and 15-year old guitarist Igor "Iggy" Gwadera. "Fire Follow Me" is their second album of classic-style hard rock/metal, but the overall effect here is a wanky, generic take on 70s stadium rock. 

Titus' vocals are as hammy as Gene Simmons, and his lyrics, like the ridiculously sophomoric "Sake Crazy", play into the whole party rock mindset. Ugh. "Hurricane Kazz" has elements of Iron Maiden, but it lacks that band's unique sound and strong vocal presence. To his credit, guitarist Iggy is more than capable with his strong metal leads, but it isn't enough to salvage this album of regressive rock. Perhaps they'd be much more effective and convincing on stage, but this is pretty unbearable.

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