Monday, July 1, 2013

"The Life After Death Project" 2xDVD (director: Paul Davids)

Curious documentary for supernatural and Famous Monsters fans...

With the main feature here focusing predominantly on the great Forrest J. Ackerman (of "Famous Monsters Of Filmland" magazine fame, and the undeniably greatest collector of classic sci-fi and horror memorabilia of all-time), this full-length documentary examines the man's post-mortem legacy. That is to say, this is full of testimonials and evidence that "Forry" (as he was lovingly called) still maintains contact with his friends and loved ones.

As well, other famous horror writers and personalities (including Richard Matheson and Whitley Strieber) reveal their own personal "ghost stories". It's a compelling watch, with an array of literate, intelligent, and scientific folks detailing their paranormal experiences first-hand. Sometimes these experiences are Forry-related, other times not. Nonetheless, the vast archive of Ackerman-related photos and films is priceless.

The second disc is an entirely different documentary, also by Paul Davids. Subtitled "Personal Encounters", this film is a collection of paranormal experiences related by many other people. Apparently, Davids did some extensive traveling to compile this exhaustive and rich selection of "ghost stories".

Some fascinating viewing here, for anyone intrigued by the possibilities. And a must-see for Forrest Ackerman admirers.

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