Monday, July 1, 2013

Ayria - "Plastic Makes Perfect" 2xCD

Silly synthy-techno for teens

On her 4th album, Canadian Jennifer Parkin crafts a solid, if, well, plastic set of melodic synthpop tunes with touches of trance, industrial, and ethereal gothic sounds. Call it "futurepop" or whatever, and you're in the right realm. Parkin's melodic vocals are certainly more "pop" than anything else, and the music (which features some production and programming from Icon Of Coil's Sebastian Komor) is edgy dance pop, with plenty of hard-hitting beats and Euro-techno sequences.

Tracks like "All That Glitters" could rope in plenty of teeny listeners, if not for the heavier beats. "Games" is purely dance pop, and could be almost mistaken for a Disney radio icon, to these jaded ears. Sure, Ayria's clean and crisp pop-dance sheen is well-produced and club-worthy, but there's just not much else of depth here.

The bonus disc of remixes (included only with the limited edition box version) ups the ante with some heavy-hitting names. Project Pitchfork deliver a clubby mix of "Missed The Mark", whereas Daniel B (of Front 242)'s complex and muscular mix may be the best track here. Aaimon's mix of "Games" is nicely ethereal, tempering the beats, but the rest of the cuts are just variations on the trance/dance club vibe. Of marginal interest, I'm afraid.

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