Saturday, June 29, 2013

Famous Underground - "Famous Underground" CD

Lost in the eighties butt-rock

Featuring former Slik Toxik members Nick Walsh and Laurie Anne-Green, Canadian hard rock act Famous Underground's radio-friendly rock/metal sound is straight out of the past. With wailing, melodic vocals that are purely Sunset Strip-style, Famous Underground are certainly adept at melodic heavy rock songs. "Dead Weight", for example, could be Guns 'N Roses if Axl hadn't totally lost the plot way back when. 

There are 11 tracks here, all well-produced slabs of clean and anthemic classic rock. Famous Underground have all the right moves and attitude aplenty, but as for content? I get nothing. Insipid lyrics ("Hell To Pay" a shining example) and a well-trodden sound do not a world-class band make.

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