Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jarboe - "Live In NYC" DVD

Stylish, dark, and enchanting former SWAN spreads her wings

For her first New York performance following her split from SWANS, Jarboe and band conjure a bewitching, elegant, and edgy presence for this 2000 show. Shot with several cameras in an intimate setting (the Knitting Factory), this 60-minute video showcases Jarboe's dark solo material as well as some re-tooled revisions of her work with Swans and (The World Of) Skin.

Opening with the esoteric art-rock of "Surrender" and "We Are The Prophecy", the band hits a crescendo with "My Buried Child". As well, "Euphoria/Demons Out" is a cathartic expression of reckless abandonment to a primal force, and features a wild on-stage appearance by the incomparable Kembra Pfahler (The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black). "Dear 666" is a swampy blues number that showcases Jarboe's diverse vocal stylings, while the stripped-down and mournful "One Thousand Years" is a beautiful lament, remaining faithful to the original Skin recording.

"Live In NYC" is an effective look at Jarboe's live persona just post-SWANS, and any fan of her unique and beguiling blend of weird and personal musics will be glad to have witnessed it.

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