Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Secret Policeman's Ball - "Teenage Crimewave" CD

Silly name, cool post-new-wave indie

Well, I'd like these folks better if they would call themselves "Teenage Crimewave" -- much more fitting for this band's attitude. Anyway, it's a 4-piece out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but leave the regional thing out of the equation, as you won't hear anything necessarily "Tennessee" in ASPB. Indeed, this is heavy-duty modern rock with a big city swagger. Vocalist Nikki brings a nicer, melodic new wave sound, then steamrolls it with an incisive rock shout that can hold it's own against prime Kat Bjelland or any other "chick screamer" you can conjure. "Try To Find Shon A New Hat" showcases this screamy side, with an old-fashioned hardcore noiseclot that runs for around 40 seconds. Love it!

Songs like "A Flock Of Beagles" do present a tinge of 80s-inspired shoegazey rock, while (the likewise wonderfully-titled) "A Young Stephen Dorff", smacks of Blondie fronting Interpol, if you can imagine that. ASPB have the new wave-meets-indie sound down well, and their dynamic may throw off some folks, but I like the schizophrenic nature. Excellent!

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