Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sake: g fifty Jumnai Ginjo Genshu Sake

Delicious and complex sake -- made in America!

Clocking in at a hearty 18% ABV, this premium sake, brewed in Oregon (rather than the traditional Japan), stands as a superlative and complex brew that invites further sips to nail down those subtle flavors and nuances.

The aroma hints at a slight fruitiness, with notes of mint, black pepper, dried dark berries, and rice, with a sharp but smooth flavor profile.  With a dry and warming finish, g fifty is a seriously top-shelf sake. The attractive black bottle feels more like pottery than glass, and further enhances the overall experience. 

Overall, I rate g fifty a superb sake, and one I'd gladly return to.

A special thanx to Skye Morgan at Charles Communications for graciously providing the sample for this tasting!

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