Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies" DVD (director: A.M. Frank aka Jesus Franco)

Alternately known as "Oasis Of The Living Dead", this 1981 grindhouse/late-night drive-in style stinker is offered here as a shoddy VHS transfer, complete with visual distortion and noticeable audio hiss. But technicalities aside, this is a fun, but highly-flawed film.

Opening with a pair of nubile American hotties oddly traversing the African desert (resplendent in tiny shorts and tight tops), the "nazi zombies" attack. Cue the intro credits.

Anyhow, as the tale goes, a shipment of Nazi riches went missing in the African desert back during an Allied ambush. Fast forward to present day, and the son of the last living Allied soldier returns to claim the missing millions. Needless to say, there are obstacles. Director Franco (for some reason using the pseudonym A.M. Frank) has been responsible for some hideous abominations in film, but this isn't among his worst. Sure, the acting is barely adequate. The voice dubbing is, well, tolerable. The script is kinda shitty, and there are some really blatant missteps in continuity and (especially) logic.

Furthermore, I expected more breasts, gruesome zombies, and bloody gore, and this one rolls along rather slowly, but the late-70's weird atmosphere (and exotic Northern African setting), and weirder shoestring budget music (by Daniel White) make this one watchable, somehow. I'm not saying this is a good film. Far from it. But it is a curiosity, and a decent piece for serious zombie film fans. (Cheezy Flicks)

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