Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bob Dylan - "1990-2006 - The Never Ending Narrative" DVD

Picking up nicely where the unauthorized "Revealed" leaves off, this documentary presents a critical look at Dylan's more recent couple of decades, and his rebirth from an unkind 80s period. Kudos for the inclusion of snippets of real Dylan music, which brings better into focus the man's unmistakably unique craft.

As well, plenty of archival footage and interviews with Dylan critics and journalists show an unbiased and well-researched set of opinions and ideas regarding Dylan's evolution, from a man seemingly out of touch with the commercial music industry to re-discovering his roots and initial inspirations in the 90s. "The Never Ending Narrative" thoroughly covers this 1990 to 2006 era, and makes a strong case for Dylan being in a creative zenith, in his astoundingly active 5th decade as a songwriter and performer.

Today, Bob Dylan, at nearly 70 years of age, has regained his foothold as one of America's most treasured artists. "The Never Ending Narrative" may inspire me to re-explore his more recent works. (Chrome Dreams via MVD Visual)

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