Monday, May 2, 2011

Bruno Sanfilippo - "Subliminal Pulse" CD

Veteran Argentine/Spanish composer Sanfilippo here releases his debut for the American ambient label, Spotted Peccary, and it's a winner through and through.
With a penchant for gentle, natural, and fleeting ambience in the vein of Steve Roach or Robert Rich, Sanfilippo weaves receding washes of spacious sound alongside natural field recordings. And it's a wholly effective synthesis.

For example, "Alchemical Powers" reminds of a meditative journey to a rain forest, with birds, chirping frogs, and trickling water alongside what could be singing bowls and distant thunder. Beautiful! "Pulsum Sacrum" is stately and majestic, with choral strings and chimes in a similar realm to Eno's classic work. There's no better template than that.

As evocative mood music, Defilippo paints an unobtrusive portrait, and, as the title states, "Subliminal Pulse" is an ideal accompaniment for quiet reflection or reading. Highest marks. (Spotted Peccary Music)

Bruno Sanfilippo site

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