Monday, May 2, 2011

Creepersin - ""Faster Creepersin Kill Kill!" CD

Prolific Californian horror writer/filmmaker/musician Creep Creepersin here re-releases his 3rd studio album, originally from 2006. Joining with ladyfiend Mrs. Creep, this slice of horror-punk features Creep's croony vocals alongside trashy garage punk with B-grade, drive-in, and tongue-in-cheek monster movie references. "My Chucky Doll Came To Life" is almost touching. "I Need More Blood" is a heartfelt lament for, well, plasma. Imagine classic Misfits meeting a gothy version of the Ramones or something, and you'll be close to the bone. Fun and spunky rock, for certain. (Creepsville Entertainment)

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