Sunday, May 1, 2011

Young Widows - "In And Out Of Youth And Lightness" CD

This Louisville act has matured beyond their brief 3 album lifespan . Beginning back in 2006 as a fairly typical hardcore act, Young Widows now amp it up with a more sinister, moody post-punk vibe. Young Widows have virtually perfected an angular dissonance, with screeching, reverb-heavy guitars, and metallic bass/drum churns to complement vocalist Evan Patterson's dark, backwoods drawl.

"In And Out Of Lightness" boasts of a muscular, tight rhythm section that recalls the mighty Jesus Lizard, with a moody, apocalyptic Killing Joke undertone. "The Muted Man" is a slow -burn seether, and "Right In The End" is a hypnotic drone mantra. "Miss Tambourine Wrist" is a dynamic thrust of bowel-shaking tectonics, and "In And Out Of Youth" closes the shades with a fatalistic, doom-laden soul-crusher. A remarkable and distinctly different kind of album, and a giant leap forward for Young Widows. Superb. (Temporary Residence)

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