Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joe Dante - "The Screwfly Solution (Masters Of Horror)" DVD

Dante has created some gems in the past, to be sure. Everyone has a soft spot for 'Gremlins', for example, and his memorable contribution to 'Twilight Zone: The Movie' in 1983 (remember the privileged kid who got whatever he wanted?) also counts for something. Nonetheless, Dante's previous 'MOH' episode, 'Homecoming', was a real mess, and actually pretty embarrassing, even for a zombie movie. This could go either way.

Jason Priestley stars here as loving dad and husband who discovers a highly contagious virus is destroying the human race by combining the male's sexual urges with raging violence. This volatile mix erupts into a mass anti-female hysteria, and thousands of women are unceremoniously murdered. Priestley, ever the family man, attempts to send away his own family for their own safety, as he finds himself also succumbing to the virus. It's a good tale, with a tinge of environmental and socio-political commentary, and could've made for a really fascinating movie with someone like Cronenberg at the helm.

As it stands, 'Screwfly' suffers from some shaky acting (okay, it's really pretty bad), but the curiously delicious script (mostly) saves it from the scrapheap. I enjoyed it, in a roundabout way.

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