Friday, July 11, 2008

A Place To Bury Strangers - "A Place To Bury Strangers" CD

Opening for Nine Inch Nails will surely find your band a larger audience, and in the case of this band, it should also open some dialogue about some great 80's-90's acts. Check these guys' record collections, and I'll bet you'll find some classic Jesus And Mary Chain, maybe some old (i.e. good) Cure, and maybe some My Bloody Valentine. Not that those are bad things, mind you. I, myself, own some of these, and am not the least bit ashamed, thank you very much. My only complaint is that this influence is so very obvious. APTBS have the wall-of-pain-beyond-the-threshold guitar noise down, and the low-key, nearly indecipherable 'sad bastard' vocals. Add in some crushing drum machine rhythms and you have a real collision of ear-shredding noise and gloomy post-punk sounds. I like it, but can't divorce songs like 'Another Step Away' - which could be an outtake from 'Psychocandy' - from their predecessors. Good stuff, and I guarantee when the group's next work comes out, they will transcend this comparison. But for now, file under 'bands to watch'. (Killer Pimp)

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